Blogger Crush: Funky Brown Chick

A single New York woman's smart, sweet and funky take on love and sex.

Reading Funkybrownchick is like settling in with a wise, cheeky girlfriend. FBC blogger Twanna A. Hines—also a freelance writer and columnist for—manages to be edgy and raw without crossing into obscenity.

Tackling the New York City single dating scene in her three-year-old blog, FBC covers topics from interracial dating to her penchant for foreign men and celeb crush, Paul Walker. FBC's frank talk about love, sex and dating (she's gone on 80-100 dates in NYC) hits home with a wide range of audiences.

She told us best in her own words:

I've got the best readers in the world. Tons of guys read my site, married people, peach-skinned folks, international readers, college students in rural areas and a bunch of other people whose daily lives don't at all resemble my own. Still, when they come hang out at, they find something that speaks to them. Maybe it makes them laugh or maybe they've experienced something similar to something I've written about.

I once wrote a post about how lonely I felt sitting on the subway as I watched the guy in front of me comfort his crying girlfriend. An Indian woman in the city told me the piece made her cry and a couple guys told me it depressed them. Everyone relates to feeling lonely—regardless of age, marital status, race or anything else like that. I guess that's what I'd like people to take away from the blog: human experiences are more similar than they are different. There's more that unites us than divides us.

Cheers to that, FBC.

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