Gerard Butler Dines With Jenny Aniston

Gerard Butler Dines With Jenny Aniston

What is Jennifer Aniston up to with the 300 star? What does John Mayer think?

Yowza. Per a report from the New York Post's Page Six (via the good people at Starpulse), Gerard Butler had dinner with Jennifer Aniston over the weekend. The 2 shared a table with a second man at LA's Tower Bar though reports have the 3rd wheel as a more or less 3rd wheel.

It probably goes without saying that John Mayer wasn't in the heezy and probably isn’t thrilled about Jennifer Aniston going to dinner with one of Hollyweird's sexiest Scotsmen (Jimmy McAvoy being the other). And did you see how ab-ed up dude was in 300? If we’ve learned anything about anything, it’s that ladies love the abs. For most broads we know, it's a toss up between soulful singer-songwriter/ acoustic guitarist and dude with abs. On top of all of Butler's "this is Sparta!" manliness, he banged out the weepy PS: I Love You, so he's probably got a touch of a sensitive side. PS: that has to be the saddest idea for a film ever. They should hand out a box of Kleenex with each DVD.

Is there cause for alarm, though? We don't think so. Back in the spring, Gerard Butler was seen out with Cameron Diaz. We think he's on one of those "Damn, I'm famous, I best live it up while the checks are still rolling in" jags. Like when Tony Romo dated Carrie Underwood, Sophia Bush, and Jessica Simpson in rapid succession. Or they could be talking about a movie opportunity. Who knows, Martin Scorsese may have some Ponzi scheme with his timeshares in Boca and Jennifer Aniston could be working her way up the pyramid. Maybe it is a power play though. She probably realizes that she's got old John Mayer wrapped around her and she's happy to see what else is out there and if it makes him insanely jealous in the process, so much the better.

We're guessing that somewhere in his mind he's like, "You know what? I ain't mad. She's someone's daughter, you know? And I would hate to have to fight a man named Gerard." What do you think is going down: collaboration talk, romance, friendly dinner, jealousy stoking, or timeshare sales pitch?

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