Celebrity Gossip We Missed This Week

Celebrity Gossip We Missed This Week

McLachlan, Mischa, Dunst, Tara Reid, and John Lennon had big weeks.

We're not perfect. We try our best but sometimes we miss good stuff. Enjoy the weekend and try not to run into a hurricane.

According to The Star, Sarah McLachlan and husband Ashwin Sood (gesundheit) are splitting. We're reasonably sure that she'll remember him, the question is: will he remember her? Forget it, we just hope he doesn't let his life pass him by.

People is reporting that Mischa Barton and her guy Taylor Locke have split up. The 2 have been dating since some point in the not-too-distant past. She'll probably just pour herself into her work or something.

According to the San Francisco Gate, Kirsten Dunst is not dating I'm A Mac Justin Long. In fact, she said the rumors were "are the funniest thing on planet Earth." Clearly, she has not seen that monkey scratch his butt, sniff his finger, and fall out of the tree.

Tara Reid is probably not engaged to Julien Jarmoune. Starpulse is reporting that the actress denies any betrothal has taken place. So, sorry for missing the engagement rumor, here's the not engaged rumor as a consolation. The really surprising thing is that Tara Reid is only 32. Yoinks.

John Lennon was sort of down with Paul McCartney and not in the best buds sort of way claims a new book John Lennon: The Life. NME (OMG, we just got that word play, sweet) reports that the book claims John Lennon was gay for Paul McCartney. Yoko and Paul have agreed on one thing, they are not happy about this. Is this much ado about nothing? Doesn't gay mean cigarette or something in Britain?

That's it. See you Monday. Bon weekend!