Seth Rogen on Coming Out

Seth Rogen on Coming Out
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Seth Rogen reveals a leaner (still straight) self.

Seth Rogen has come out. (No, not out of that closet! But let's face it: the nice guys never make the tabloids!)

More literally, the Knocked Up star has come out of hiding as a fro-rockin, chubby –but always charming– geek to reveal his leaner, greener self; his weight loss served as preparation for his upcoming role as lead in the big screen adaptation of The Green Hornet, according to a Celebitchy report.

"I certainly don't feel like a movie star – not in this body anyway," Rogen told the UK’s Independent in September. "I think when you do comedy, you play by a different set of rules. No one really wants you to be in that good shape. Being in good shape implies a level of vanity that isn't necessarily funny."

Well, we still think he's funny. And that he's never looked better.

Rogen says he lost weight through diet and exercise (as if we would have guessed crack). Despite his rebirth as a stud, Rogen says his girlfriend (damn it!) isn't fazed by the transformation. The star has been dating writer/producer Lauren Miller for almost four years. Besides brief citations for being utterly beautiful and looking a tad like Jessica Biel, Miller has stayed remarkably clear of the rumor mills. 

"She's stuck by me through thick and thin - literally," Rogen said. "She claims she doesn't like me any more now than when I was heavier, but I think that's completely not true."

Awwww. Hope he keeps the modest thing going.

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