Is This Chick A Pro, Bono?

Is This Chick A Pro, Bono?

Andrea Feick's Facebook cannot be making things easy for U2's Bono.

Everyone's all over this Bono with a 19-year old on his lap thing, right? We think that Celebitchy has a pretty good take on Paul Hewson's (Bono's real name) St. Tropez vacay.

So, it breaks down thusly: Bono was rocking out on the island of St. Tropez (does it mean Saint Tropical? If so, that's some veneration we could get behind.). He had an Irish homie (Simon Carmody) in tow, and they met up with a couple of 19-year old girls. The teens had on bathing suits and requested photos. Being Irish and rock stars, Bono and friend are gracious, if nothing else, and obliged the comely young things. Looks fun. End of story? Not so fast, sweetheart, as ESPN's Lee Corso might say.

The photo went on Andrea Feick's Facebook (she's the one on Bono's lap and Hannah Emerson is on Simon Carmody's) and some heck broke loose. The media are demanding answers to questions that no one bothered to ask. Our 2 favorite headlines of this pseudo-scandal: 'Bono's stuck in a moment, can't get out of it' and 'Bono behaves like a rock star for once.' Kudos for the second one, and we would have preferred a reference to Achtung Baby or Joshua Tree on the first. Maybe 'Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around A Girl' or 'Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Facebook Me.' We know one thing, The Streets was right and things have really gone pearshaped for rock stars because of the camera phone (and social media, by inference).

At any rate, old Andrea Feick claims to have known Bono for years and says that she is not hitting that. She made some crack about him being all old and old. And that she wouldn't want to go there because he's old. Which goes to show you that the economy is hitting everyone. If a Time's Person Of The Year can't get some 19-year old naked on a yacht in St. Tropez then we have hit rock bottom. Mardi Gras is not going to be a real drag next Spring if this keeps up.

Not that we'd ever compare them with U2, but you'd never catch the B-52's frontman Fred Schneider pulling some sh*t like this. We firmly believe that nothing happened between Bono and these Lolitas. His marriage is mad strong and he’s a do-gooder. Though Simon Carmody may have told them the yacht was his instead of The Edge's. What do you think? Did anyone find what they were looking for? Or can you sometimes make it on your own? Sorry, we've been listening to this Live From Milan album all morning and the line's blurring between original, profound thought and U2 lyric. It's a beautiful day. Ugh.