Morning News Feed: Mon, Oct 27

Morning News Feed: Mon, Oct 27

Prop 8, Amendment 2, wife-swapping Egyptians, and an ADHD-Divorce link.

According to The Inquirer, Apple has followed Google's lead and donated money to fight California's Proposition 8 (the gay marriage bill). Does PC have to give money in favor of Prop 8 now?

While Google's bosses say one thing, their ad network continues to serve anti gay marriage ads on gay social networks, per blogoscoped. And lest you think California is the only sunshine-y state with gay marriage on the brain, Florida has Amendment 2 on the ballot this time around. Its goal is to define marriage as between a man and a woman, according to

And a Japanese guy let his feelings on marriage in general known by setting fire to his hotel. According to Reuters, he thought that he wouldn't have to get married if the hotel was damaged. That wedding is probably off, right?

Speaking of weddings in East Asia, an 81-year old Chinese man just married a woman he met on the interwebs. He claims that the internet dating is not just for people with their original teeth, per Xinhuanet. And we think he's right on, youngsters can meet new people at work, at the discotheque, all night Mahjong parlors, or anywhere else that's open after 5 PM.

And the British are out to prove that they can meet people on the job and have sex with them. reports that 20% of Brits surveyed have literally had sex at work. Lots of interesting stuff in this survey.

While most Egyptians are not having sex at work, a few of them are getting arrested for wife swapping. A senior civil servant and his wife interviewed dozens of people to see if they were up to the task. And the police in the conservative nation did not care for that one bit. Some human rights groups are crying foul though, so says the BBC.

Per the Dallas Morning News, a suburban swingers club, the Cherry Pit, is still going at it tooth and nail with the Duncanville municipality. Someone's going to have to budge on this. Maybe Larry Flint will get involved.

You ever just cruise Web MD and look up weird stuff? No? Well then we don't either. But we did bump into an article linking ADHD families with divorce. Sort of a chicken-or-egg deal, we guess.