Pam Anderson Tells Kids About Sex Tape

Pam Anderson Tells Kids About Sex Tape

The Tommy Lee-Pamela Anderson tape has long legs.

Let's be honest about it, Pamela Anderson has never had much of a problem getting attention. The tapes, the boobs, the Baywatch bathing suit, Playboy, hanging with Jacko etc. And now she's following in the footsteps as such luminaries as Charlie Sheen's ex (Denise Richards) and White Oprah (Dina Lohan) into the world of having a camera crew following her around, waiting for her to say/do weird/funny stuff, and then editing it into a 22-minute television program. The show's called Pam: Girl On The Loose and it's on E!. (The best thing we've ever heard from Pam is that she once asked a cameraman where he was from and he said E!, and she said to be careful because the last time she was on E(for ecstasy), she got married. This show could be good.)

All that pales in comparison to having to own up to the most famous (infamous?) sex tape ever leaked. Her work with then-husband Tommy Lee was legen-(wait for it)-dary around college campuses in the late 1990s. And now she has explained the whole ordeal to her kids, per Celebitchy. She said something about nudity, privacy, and a lack of respect for other people's private property. She glossed over the parts with the marijuana and oral sex, we're guessing.

And then, not to mountain this molehill, had some words for Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin:

Huh. It appears that this Canadian has just about mastered the subtleties of American celebrity political discourse (she earned her citizenship this year). Sort of ironic, though, telling someone else to "suck it."