Blogger Crush: SexRev2.0

Blogger Crush: SexRev2.0

Regina Lynn reviews the hottest sex toys and games.

Blog: SexRev2.0

Blogger: Regina Lynn

Not only does she write about sex, but she also provides readers with a sneak-peek look into all of the racy, new toys/books/games/objects in the sex world today. Regina Lynn is the creator of SexRev2.0, this week's blogger crush. Lynn is the author of Sexier Sex: Lessons from the Brave New Sexual Frontier and The Sexual Revolution 2.0 and was the writer of the award-winning (and much missed) Sex Drive column at (Full disclosure: Lynn has written two pieces for YourTango, "Are Sex Parties The New Vibrator?" and "Love in 2012: What The Future Holds.")

This powerful sexual goddess loves exploring new gadgets and talking about them. One of her recent mini-reviews is on the OhMiBod HUD (heads-up-display) which is gadget that has a little keyboard and drumpad that can be used to record groans and moans for the OhMiBod vibrator to respond to. You can also use this handy-dandy device to bring in musical tracks for a more stimulating masturbation experience. In a post a written a few days later, Regina talks about attending the OhMiBod Demo and Party. She has an amazing ability to hook readers and take them along on her awesome adventures. 

Besides super sexy toys, Regina Lynn, as mentioned above, also reviews sex games. One particularly interesting game featured in her blog is called Onyx, and by reading Regina's write-up, this sounds like a great game to add to the Christmas wish-list.

Onyx guides two to six players through hours of sexual exploration in a Monopoly-meets-Truth-or-Dare-meets-Cranium kind of way... The gist is that the game is surprisingly fun and will provide hours of entertainment through the cold dark winter to come.

She offers great sex advice, and insightful opinions on the latest, greatest, and not-so-greatest sex toys and games--obviously this is why Regina Lynn, author and creator of SexRev2.0, is this week's blogger crush.

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