Sex, Drugs, & Oil Drilling?

Sex, Drugs, & Oil Drilling?

Scandal in the Department of the Interior.

Stop us if you've heard this one before: some guys in the energy industry were in bed with some people from the government industry that regulates them, literally. USA Today reports that the Department of the Interior's internal (yes, interior and internal) found a culture of "culture of substance abuse and promiscuity" within the group that provides leases for offshore drilling.

The 2-year investigation was concluded that members of the Mineral Management Service's royalty collections group were plied with gifts, drugs, sex, and probably insincere complements from energy company representatives. Evidently, someone drank someone else's milkshake which brought the boys to the yard in the first place.

It's just a little surprising that big energy would use sex or drugs when they've got all that oil we're addicted to. The report on this scandal, conveniently, comes on the eve of the Senate's debate on offshore drilling and a renewable energy chat. We're just glad that Charles Schumer has something to get ornery about. If that guy doesn't get at least 1 moment of righteousness per fiscal quarter then an angel loses its wings (yeah, it's the opposite of the bell thing, Clarence). Even he has to admit that an oil for sex scandal is way more exciting than that old oil for food thing.

For more on the fossil fuel energy crisis, check out this book: Beyond Fossil Fools . There's some good stuff in there and it turns out that sleeping with energy company representatives isn’t really helping the problem, can't blame 'em for trying. And enjoy Bill Hader as Daniel Plainview below: