Not for Richer, Not For Poorer

Not for Richer, Not For Poorer

Can Paul McCartney’s Ex Buy Happiness?

High-roller Heather Mills may be longing for yesterday, after news of her arguably-excessive spending has come to fruition. Fametastic reports that Mills has spent £10 million from her seven months-old-divorce settlement with legendary musician Paul McCartney. A source says Heather has been moaning that her money isn't going as far as she'd thought.

While £10 million is no chump change –its interest alone could feed a small army- Mills does seem to have more where that came from. Her sum settlement weighted in at about £24.3 million pounds: £7.8 million pounds of existing assets, £14 million straight up cash, and £2.5 set aside for a new London home.

Heather's claim of no cash to spare leaves her with questions to answer. Even if she took to Ebay to buy up her ex-husband's paraphernalia in its entirety –and we're not saying she did, although one woman's stalking is another woman's closure- how the hell did she piss away so much cash in so little time?

The Sun reports that she's been dishing out dough for real estate and more real estate (guess High Street shopping only took her so far!). Mills has reportedly dropped £2.5 million on an apartment in New York and £6 million on "other properties" (Like strawberry fields? Talk about sketchy.). Reports also include £1 million worth of renovations on a home in Sussex. However, a source told the The Sun that Mills says she still doesn't have a finished house to live in. Hm. Somehow I don't think we'll be seeing Mills taking to the streets anytime soon.

Apart from costs associated with her apparent housing crisis, Mills has dropped £500,000 on her staff, £250,000 worth of vacay for her friends and family (her friendship is looking pretty good these days) and £600,000 feeding vegetarian grub to homeless and low-income children from the Bronx. Moving in on Jenny-from-the-Block, are we? 

Alas, the divorcee also has bills to pay! She reportedly faced six- and seven- figure bills from her former publicist and divorce lawyers.

On a more serious note, poor HMills. Really. Even excessive spending on the verge of depression just can't trump a prosthetic leg and abusive husband. Now that's depressing.