Online Dating For Endangered Species

Online Dating For Endangered Species
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Is the old stud book being replace by ZIMS?

It was only a matter of time before some genius decided if interweb dating is good enough for humans then it's good enough for animals. Surprisingly, this innovation didn't come from a pet fanatic trying to find a sire for Miss Pretty Kitty's brood. It came from zoologists (if there is such a thing) in an attempt to get endangered species to mate.

It seems like the more rare the animal the more difficult it is to get it to mate in captivity. Those giant pandas, for instance, are bordering on asexual or maybe just severely depressed. Is it the state of the panda race or the circumstance of their imprisonment that's preventing the panda copulation? No one seems to know. But a good solution for low libido is always inviting in fresh ass (FA), Doctor Strangelove knew this.

At any rate, the Associated Press reports that there has long been a handbook (a stud book, as it were) for keeping animals on the right mating track (a sort of freshman meet book to the new system's Facebook). But the new system (called ZIMS: Zoological Information Management Systems) can be updated more than once per season and offers a little taste of web 2.0 to the animal kingdom. The male peacock will probably have to rethink a lot of his game. Up next: animal Viagra?

Yep, "Ling Ling just ZIMSed me" no longer just means that actress nutbag Bai Ling flashed her under smile to a pap.