Morning News Feed: Friday, Oct 24

Morning News Feed: Friday, Oct 24

Woman gets jail for virtual husband-cide & San Fran to vote on prostitution.

An abstinence group in suburban Atlanta is offering couples $10k to wait until marriage for sex. They got no takers, now people are eligible if they denounce premarital sex and don't live together. From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The gents over at Asylum have thrown together their worst first date ideas. The list includes the old unoriginal fallbacks and suggests something that no woman would ever like. Or would they?

Over at The Frisky they discuss the 10 best songs that objectify women. Sadly, Soulja Boy doesn't make the cut, but Ghostface Killah's there. Good work, gang.

Have you ever caught yourself in a situation and couldn't decide whether or not your repartee crossed into flirting? We haven't either. But clearly some people need help figuring it out, that’s where comes in.

We've been scratching our heads about this one all-day and decided to file it under "Yep, People Are Pretty Weird." Per the AP, a Japanese woman is facing some serious legal consequences for killing her virtual husband's avatar on a Second Life doppelganger called Maple Story.

Proposition K is on the ballot in San Francisco next month. InLandNewsToday reports that Prop K seeks to decriminalize prostitution. Really it seeks to stop active police investigation into prostitution. Somehow it works for Rhode Island and some rural Nevada counties.

Speaking of country gals, the Metro is reporting that a survey showed that UK rural ladies are more likely for first date sex. The poll appears to have been commissioned by an outfit that promotes dating in rural areas, so caveat emptor on that one.

Speaking of slightly biased studies, Lemondrop is reporting that women feel less inhibited and more confident when they dye their hair blonde. Maybe they meant drinking vodka. Clairol was involved.

According to Jezebel, Egypt's first sexual harassment case just came back with a guilty verdict. The breast-grabber will get 3 years of hard labor. Worth a read.

And with every high comes a low, according to Bloomberg, depressed women are more likely for premature births. Cheer up, new mommies.