Dress Shopping For A Second Wedding

Dress Shopping For A Second Wedding

Go on-trend with an asymmetrical, short dress with a flared skirt.

Today's Washington Post has a slideshow of the best dresses for second weddings. Eleven percent of engaged women and 17% of men said their upcoming nuptials would not be their first, according to a Conde Nast poll.

Second time around, brides tend to choose gowns that are very different from what they wore at their first wedding. And red carpet events and celebrity weeklies that showcase fanciful frocks are fueling both brides' and designers' desires for creative wedding dresses.

Other second wedding dress trends include flared skirts instead of long trains, asymmetrical cuts over traditional two-shouldered tops, and off-white, caramel or pastels over bright white, and even short dresses instead of long gowns. The rules say that after the first wedding the bride doesn't wear a veil, but who wants to follow the rules? Wear a veil if you want, or put something else in your hair. Most important of all, says Rachel Leonard, fashion director of Brides magazine is that "'the dress flatters her figure, is age-appropriate and suits the venue and time of day.'"

Click here to see the WaPo slideshow.


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