Celebrity Gossip Round Up October 23rd

Celebrity Gossip Round Up October 23rd

Gossip about Carol Alt, T Pain, 50 Cent, Mandy Moore/ DJ AM, and Chris Evans/ Kristin Cavalli.

There was no way to make a full post out of any of these celebrity gossip stories. Seriously, we tried and all of them are 4 lines, at best.

Chris Evans is friends with one of the gals from The Hills' predecessor Laguna Beach, Kristin Cavallari. This according to what Kristin Cavallari told Us Weekly. Not to pick any nits, but we don't know anyone that said you were (though rumors say they hooke up in Miami, which doesn't count). On top of that, Chris Evans has starred in actual films; that's a step up from reality television, right? Still ya'll ain't exact Jay-Z and Beyonce as far as our curiosity goes, or Rihanna and Chris Brown, for that matter.

Rapper/ rich guy 50 Cent (or Fiddy, as only his closest friends call him) has settled custody matters with his child's mother according to Starpulse. Curtis Jackson gets a weekend per month, a month in the summer, and 5 on it during winter and spring break. So, while he's not getting paid or getting laid, he'll be giving homework aid and eating healthy vegetables sauteed.

According to Celebitchy, all it took to get Mandy Moore and DJ AM (though our Kristin Booker was already all over that) back together was an awful plane crash. That's always how it goes. We hope that this lasts. EntertainmentAndShowBiz says that Travis Barker thinks ex Shanna Moakler is trying to make the accident about her. They could still end up together. We couldn't find any Vegas odds on it, though.

The New York Post is reporting that supermodel Carol Alt is using ex-husband Ron Greschner because of some shenanigans that happened after their divorce. The reason for the split was her inability (originally thought to be an unwillingness) to conceive but the pair continued to make the 2-backed beast and share some finances after the split. She wants half of those profits, a figure she puts at $9 million. Weird that something bad happened because a couple continued sharing finances after their divorce, weird.

T Pain lost his virginity at the age of 10 per Contact Music. First they got George Hamilton, now T Pain. That kid from Two And A Half Men best watch himself. The good news for T Pain is that he was probably a headliner in that one rather than catching the liner notes like "Virginity Lost" feat. T Pain.

And since this was a weak celebrity roundup, enjoy a scene from Totally Awesome in which Tracy Morgan explains to a white guy what it takes to be black (note: one of the jokes involves having children while a child):