Balthazar Getty Divorce Getting Sticky

Balthazar Getty Divorce Getting Sticky

Divorce is looking less likely but whose fault is an affair anyways?

The Thirty Mile Zone (TMZ) is again in the lead on a Sienna Miller-ish article. The gossip/ news site is reporting that Balthazar Getty's wife Rosetta will not be filing for divorce any time soon. It turns out that she's pretty smart and while her husband's future worth is considerable, currently he's earning wages as part of the ensemble cast of Brothers & Sisters. So, the ball is in squarely in dude's court: what's it gonna be? The wife or the Miller?

More likely everyone has a European attitude (like whole milk and croissants) about the affair and wait for Ms. Miller to have 1 of her trademark changes of heart.  For the kids' sakes let's hope that that this Euro attitude doesn't result in 1 of those "French-type" films hitting the interwebs or the yourtubes.

While we're on the Sienna Miller TMZ coverage, they go ahead and ask the question some beautiful people have been asking for months (years, even), "Is dating a married guy worse than cheating on your wife?" Good question. Obviously, it takes more than 1 but fewer than 3 to lambada (that's a little joke we like to make here at In this me-first world (culture), we'd say that it's the married person's responsibility to protect his (or her)  family, but it feels like Sienna Miller has been near a few situations like this before. So, do we just choc it up to "boys will be boys" and blame the whole chinchilla on Sienna Miller? This seems like 1 of those gray areas we keep hearing about. So, let's put the blame ratio at 70:30 (Getty: Miller), hope that none of the Getty kids grow up to have dad issues and weird sexual proclivities, and get back to discussing whether or not the VMAs were any good.

And for the record, it's never cool to graffiti "slut" onto someone's home, automobile, driveway, or livestock. Some kind of video montage set to Jojo's "Leave (Get Out)" would be funnier and probably do a better job of driving the point home. But if you're going to commit vandalism, come up with a more clever scarlet letter. There are dozens of better words for it.

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