Ronson-Lohan: Looking Good

Ronson-Lohan: Looking Good
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Babies? Marriage? Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson keep 'em guessing.

FemaleFirst is reporting that old LiLo is talking about getting babies with her good friend Samantha Ronson. We imagine an adoption agency or a stud will be involved (and may we recommend the Jonas Brothers). And then The Improper is reporting that SamRon said Lindsay Lohan with be Lindsay Ronson by the end of the year at some event the other night. Presumably, they'll make a trip to California or Massa-choo-choo. Or possibly get a domestic partnership in Ronson's native United Kingdom.

These 2 just don't stop getting more awesome. To paraquote the great Ricky Gervais; Are they 'aving a laugh? Anything they do, say, or telegraph is spun into a story of it's own by the tabloratti (mea culpa). They’ve managed to gain the kind of press coverage that solid projects just can't buy. A young actress on the comeback trail (who has albums left on her music contract!) and a top club DJ could never have garnered this kind of attention without their are-they-aren't-they Sapphic connection. No way, Jose. Perhaps naively, we believe that they're totally into each other. Sure, at first we thought it was an attempt at coquettishness that LiLo has long outgrown, then we thought it was the greatest role of her career, and finally we totally buy it (note: this whole process took about 48 hours). It's not like when that Brody Jenner dated anyone Nicole Richie so America would love him for getting "that skinny bitch to eat."

The fact that SamRon has a twin (designer Charlotte Ronson) has to tickle LiLo pink (heh?), since she famously played both twins in The Parent Trap. Just looking back at the Lindsay Lohan experience is pretty incredible. She has: starred in a popular tween film, costarred with Jamie Lee Curtis (Freaky Friday), played opposite Tina Fey (Mean Girls), put out a pop album, indirectly made TMZ famous (the "fire crotch" video), crashed (her car), burned (cocaine pants), been to rehab, dated some celebutardes, downing in a Marilyn Monroe-inspired shoot, dragged her nice sister and weird parents into fame/infamy, entered a same-sex relationship, and started a comeback by saying 'no thanky' to a Playboy spread. And she's only been show biz for 10 years. Can she keep up this pace?

It's like she made bets with Britney Spears, Robert Downey Jr., John Mayer, and Anne Heche and won 'em all under 2 months. If this baby rumor is true, we're guessing that she could seduce Neil Patrick Harris and have his baby all inside 60 days. Oh, and she gets personal in Marie Claire, per PopSugar. It's really taken a village. We wonder if Sienna Miller is taking notes.