Charlie Sheen And Twins

Charlie Sheen And Twins

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are going to have 2 babies at the same time.

Fine, good, whatever, Charlie Sheen calls every ladies boobs 'the twins,' good one Chaz. Oh, that's not the news? Fine. Charlie Sheen got it on with twins. No surprise there either, were they dressed as cheerleaders? No? Then what’s the deal with Charlie Sheen and twins? Fametastic says that he's having (siring) some.

Good work, Charlie Sheen. You and wife Brooke Mueller did not wait long to get with the baby-making. Word on the street is Charlie Sheen wants a son. His last round of kid-creation produced 2 daughters with Denise Richards. So, maybe Brooke Mueller has done her job and given young Henry the 8th an heir. Or possibly 2. It would be really nice to refer to the 'Sheen boys' and not mean Charlie and Emilio Estevez (or Charlie's testicles). Same goes for the 'Young Guns' on both accounts.

Speaking of Denise Richards, she has to be absolutely thrilled for Charlie and Brooke. Really thrilled. Could not be happier for them, seriously excited. The only thing that could make her happier would be for her reality show to be canceled. That way she wouldn't have to worry about how Charlie is faring and could concentrate on her own life, respectively.

We're pretty sure that Charlie Sheen is winning this breakup by a huge stretch, but at what cost? Sure Brooke Mueller is only 31, but weren't we scolded during the Angelina Jolie twins situation about expecting natural twins after 30? In order to fulfill some sort of prophesy / win the breakup, did Charlie Sheen use science?

We're guessing nah. Chaz seems like he's into booze, ladies, winning breakups, chillaxing, and conspiracy theories. He'll leave all the science talk to the eggheads, like Emilio Estevez. Do you think Charlie Sheen used the IVF? Also, anyone notice that Charlie always has his shirt unbuttoned in photos? Also, does his wife look a little like Sheryl Crow?