Is This Personal Ad Real?


SWF posts Craigslist personal ad outlining 38 requirements for a mate.

This morning one New York woman—a veteran of every online dating site under the sun—posted a pièce de résistance of a personal ad on Craigslist. The title "SWF who isn't asking too much" was written (hopefully) with tongue firmly in cheek, as what follows is a list of more than 38 qualities her Mr. Right must have. That is, if you call owning "more than 3 items from The North Face jacket line but no more than 5" a quality.

A few highlights from the reportedly 32-year-old single, white female's list:

-must love cats and be open to the idea of future adoptions
-must not be opposed to wicker furniture
-must be fluent in 2 languages (English DOES NOT count); I still like to practice my French from study abroad
-toilet paper must go over, NEVER under, when placed in dispenser
-PUT the lid DOWN. Animals have better manners than most men
-owning a car is a plus, but it can't be a hatchback (some standards)
-must read at least 3 books a month, no comics unless Gary Larson
-must be on T-Mobile for Fave 5 access
-Ivy League education desirable, but Amherst, UPenn, Colgate, Vassar, Georgetown etc. acceptable
-must like North-Eastern microbrews, NO COLORADO, NO EXCEPTIONS

As the debate on whether or not to settle for a man—and what qualifies as settling? and at what age should a woman settle?—rages on among singles, it's refreshing to see women (surprisingly often on Craigslist) speaking out for what they really want. Leaving the toilet seat up is obnoxious, and annoying habits can ruin relationships. But our SWF, "M", might have shot herself in the foot with this ad. Is a man's mobile service provider truly a deal breaker?

Maybe she was taking a hint from the Stuff White People Like crew and attempting to use habits and superficial preferences for certain types of music and beer to paint a comic image of a certain socio-economic background. In which case, if we hear of any man willing to "be home from 2-6pm on Saturdays to receive packages" who"s also an "Ebay power seller," we'll be sure to send him "M"'s way.