You've Got Mail! (and maybe an STD)

You've Got Mail! (and maybe an STD)

STD e-cards tell past lovers to get checked. Finally, no awkward silences.

If you see a random e-mail in your inbox from a casual ex, he or she may not be interested in rekindling the affair. He or she may actually be on antibiotics trying to forget the affair.

STD e-cards---you know, a friendly "Hey, you gave me chlamydia!" note---is the newest way to inform a past partner you're infected with an STD and they should get tested. Our glorious evasive technological society has gifted us once again. Even an anonymous phone call from the health department is becoming obsolete.

The company offers six card options for the bacterial, curable STDs (H.I.V., herpes, and genital warts are absent). Some are delightfully cheeky ("I got screwed while screwing, you might have too" reads one) and others a bit more straightforward (one is a simple, sad "I'm sorry") and each include the option to choose one of the STDs to be included in the text. There's also a small space to write a quick "Hey, it's Melissa from the beach house (red bathing suit). Get checked! Hope all is well!" note, and you're done. Telling someone they may have syphilis is now a cake walk.

While users don't have the option to tell a fling they have herpes, HPV, or genital warts, H.I.V. has it's own separate page and only one card option. A rather somber: "There's No Easy Way To Tell You This, but I'm H.I.V. Positive" phrasing, and kind of quizzical image of man loosening his belt in the background. Hmmm. also offers the option that your e-mail address come up as anonymous, in case you're a coy bed hopper and don't want your dim memory associated with crabs. Fair enough. 

Regardless of whether or not you'd use the service,'s intentions are to inform and educate. One of the site's goals is to raise awareness by including options to read more about symptoms and includes resources to find a clinic near you.

Well, I guess this is just another reason to click on all your e-mail. Even if it's anonymous. And even if it's in the spam folder. 

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