The Path Away For Hathaway

The Path Away For Hathaway
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The Devil Wears Prada star takes on wedding movies and a new dude.

Hey everyone. Look who doesn't need your pity anymore? It's the new Anne Hathaway. We're not sure why we always feel it necessary to mention Anne Hathaway news but we cannot get enough of it. It could be that she's such a trooper both on and off screen. Maybe it's the combination of her WASP-y name and JAP-y good looks. Whatever the case is, we find everything about her to be totally compelling.

First, the real world. I'm Not Obsessed writes that Anne Hathaway sorta has a new dude. No one is forthcoming about new dude's identity but it's someone that lives in LA. We're guessing it's someone from Mad TV, but it may be David Spade. We kid. Whoever this fellow is, he is a lucky bastard. Hopefully he's sitting on a boatload of family money and won't have to work (or grift) while he charms the leggings off of her.

Speaking of the grift game, the AP is reporting that the government (as in The Government v. Raffaello Follieri) is looking for a pretty serious sentence. Like McCroskey (Lloyd Bridges from Airplane!) picking the wrong week to stop sniffing glue, Follieri picked the wrong year to get caught bilking investors. With the hedge funders, the Wall Streeters, and the AIG-ers losing our money fist over hand in a mostly legal way, the fraudsters out there are going to catch the hammer of justice right between the eyes. Now is not the time to start a money-trapped-in-Nigeria email con. And just because we thought it was a pretty sweet excuse, the LA Times is reporting that part of Follieri's mercy plea was that he had to keep up with Hathaway's lifestyle. Ah, the old "The Devil (Wears Prada) made me do it" explanation works none of the time.

Let's talk about reel world Anne Hathaway (ugh). It's being reported by Monsters And Critics that she has signed up for The Fiancé. The movie is about a young gal that decides to 'find herself' and cancels her wedding and ditches her betrothed in the process. Good work, so long fish out of water princess (Princess Diaries, The Devil Wears Prada, Ella Enchanted) and hello wedding drama queen (Rachel Getting Married, Bride Wars, The Fiancé). It's a natural progression. In the next few years you can look forward to seeing her in a lot of exasperated parent roles.

And while we're on all things Hathaway, Warren Buffet (chief money-making honcho of Berkshire Hathaway) is still investing in US stocks. We smell comeback.