Purity Rings Hot In Hollywood!

Purity Rings Hot in Hollywood!

What do The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, and Jordin Sparks all have in common? None of them are getting laid. According to each of the stars, they are A-okay with it. In fact, they’re promoting their virginity by sporting the ever-so-trendy purity rings, which stand for abstinence. (I wonder if Bristol Palin was wearing hers before she got knocked up?)

According to, “After MTV VMA host Russell Brand poked fun at the Jonas Brothers for their purity rings, American Idol winner and VMA nominee Jordin Sparks, who apparently also wears one of these rings, defended them.” It’s understandable that these celebs feel they have a responsibility to be good role models to their fans and it also makes sense that they don’t want to end up in rehab like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, but by parading their no-sex bling all around town, they could be setting themselves and their fans up for disappointment.

”Remember Britney’s virginity pledge? And does anyone really believe that Miley Cyrus is a virgin? Please.” Celebitchy, once again, makes a good point. If young stars do decide to get frisky in between the sheets, the paparazzi will inevitably find out and blow their cover. No pun intended. So what then? Well, as the cycle goes, all of the little preteens who looked up to The Jonas Bros, Miley, and the other Disney stars, will feel betrayed and let down by their heroes. As for the perpetrators, well, they’ll realize what they were missing out on and will probably end up like David Duchovny—in rehab for sex addiction.

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