Howard Stern And The Virgin Auction

Howard Stern And The Virgin Auction

One Natalie Dylan plans on trading her flower for education.

The New York Daily News cleverly stated "Howard Stern in virgin territory," and we were a little intrigued. Clearly, the word 'virgin' would have made for a really clever double entendre given Stern's subject matter. Ooo, is he putting his radio and television programming into Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic? Is he exploring some new radio technology that involves cochlear (heh) implants? But, nah, some girl who goes by the pseudonym "Natalie Dylan" is auctioning first time access to her fun zone and is willing to certify her hymen's integrity.

Though the fake name does reference 2 of the 3 new Charlie's Angels it could be more clever, maybe Lark Twain would have been fun. Irrespective of the cheekiness of her nom de frotter, Natalie Dylan is a 22-year old master's student from San Diego (it means Whale's Vagina) and wants to pay for her higher education by selling her cherry to the highest bidder. Her sister works at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada and the brothel is handling the auction and consummation. Howard Stern's part in the affair is a bit of promotion on his satellite radio show. Given Stern's involvement we would be surprised if she was unattractive and the photo that the Daily News had of her confirms that some john is going to be pretty lucky to deflower her (if the price is right).

Natalie Dylan earned her undergraduate degree in, fittingly (ironically, whatever), women's studies at Sacramento State. The story gets even more about empowerment when it's revealed that her stepfather took student loans in her and her sister's name without their consent leaving them in a quandary over furthering their education. That's when the oldest profession sounded like a good idea. Fair enough. Wouldn't it be adorable if the guy who bought her was a virgin and they didn't know what to do, so 1 of the older pros had to come in and show them?

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