Pitt: Clooney "Hates" Kids

george clooney
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George Clooney ain't down with kids. Now what?

Finally, someone comes out and says it. We've been waiting for what seems like ages for someone to be brave enough and say what we've all been thinking. And that man was William Bradley Pitt. When addressing rumors that George Clooney was the godfather of Pitt's last 2 rugrats with Angelina Jolie, he said "No, he hates children," per Celebitchy. The 'he' is George Timothy Clooney. Does this children hating explain his reluctance to remarry? Is this why his films, even the lighter fair like the Ocean's series and Michael Clayton, rarely feature children*? Is this why his team-up with Michelle Pfeiffer in One Fine Day didn't really work (yet Pfeiffer made that marriage bet, hmm)?

Frankly, we're glad that his good buddy Brad Pitt mentioned this. Stars have survived drug addiction, sex addiction, Communism, drunk driving, underage girls, anti-Semitism, Semitism, misogyny, prostitution, Gigli, Atheism, Scientology, and over-exposure but has any star survived evidence of hating children? Hollywood seems to be defined by how much you gush over not only your own kids but children in general. How could their leader pull this? This could be from all the time he spends in Europe. We heard they eat babies there.

This "hates children" business brings to mind a quote not from but about WC Fields, "Anyone who hates dogs and babies can't be all bad." And we're proud of George Clooney for sticking to his guns on the whole negating the concept that our mission on Earth is to propagate the species. Who know cleft chins, salt-and-pepper hair, and bedroom eyes may be recessive genes. But will this hurt his romantic prospects?

While we're pretty sure was just "taking the piss out of" (as our Irish buddies say) Clooney, it doesn't make it 100% untrue.

*Note: Clooney was also in at least 2 episodes of the Spy Kids franchise.