Kristin Wiig In An Outsourced Rom-Com

Kristin Wiig In An Outsourced Rom-Com
Buzz heats it up with the online sicom Global Warming.

That's a nice idea. Kristin Wiig, breakout star of a late night television show called Saturday Night Live (2/3 of which airs on Sunday morning, go figure), is taking part in an interwebs initiative called (it's a bit of a mess now). The motivation behind the site is to create an online Network for Hollywood storytellers to make high-quality, scripted shows, and retain their distribution rights and creative control. Also they seek to bring the money (advertisers) to the creators, put 'talent' in contact with representation, and do it all for free. Sounds lucrative. The site launches in earnest next week (October 28th) and they plan to set aside profits from the first 3 months to help actors during the strike. Sort of a quid pro quo for some of the actors holding up signs while the writers were on strike.

Their first show, Global Warming, is a rom-com/sitcom starring Kristin Wiig and The Daily Show's Aasif Mandvi (check out "Aasif Mandvi is Brown").

This could be pretty funny. Who knew though that Mindy Kaling (Kelly from The Office) would do such a bad Indian accent? You can't fight city hall, we guess. We hope this sucker works, but it seems like this idea (an interweb TV Network) has been tried before ( and are people going to be willing to watch dramas, thrillers, and web-cam-y My So Called Life weepies online?