Missed Connections Go Mainstream

Missed Connections Go Mainstream

Are missed connections "a staple of online modern love?"

A missed connection happens when you see someone for a second or two but for some reason—shyness, they're across the subway platform, you're with a hotter friend—you don't approach them. Instead of lamenting the loss you can go online—the web bulletin board Craigslist has popular forums for various cities—post a "missed connection" and hope that your crush will log on, recognize themselves in your description and email you back. A version of these ads has existed on the back page of community alt-weeklies for years, but on the web the lovelorn can reach a much larger audience, increasing the likelihood of success.

Online missed connections have been popular with young city-dwellers for years now, so if you're in your 20s or 30s and live in a major metropolitan area you're probably familiar with the phenomenon. But what makes them so alluring?

According to CNN, it's the romance. What's dreamier than the idea that you could find your true love through a chance encounter on the subway? "[Missed connections] also become a way for some singles to fantasize about the people they'd like to meet and those they hope will want to meet them," says CNN.

Chances are the person you're writing about won't see your note. And if they do? One woman interviewed for the article dated her missed connection for a while and then found out he was dating someone else. But the piece ends with the story of a man who met his wife on Craigslist. There's also the story of Patrick Moberg, the man who took his missed connection one step further and created a website to entice his subway crush—and found her two days later. Sadly, the relationship didn't last.

Even if you're happily committed, perusing the missed connection websites is an excellent time.  In addition to Craigslist there's kizmeet.com, isawyou.com and subwaycrush.com.

Looking to post a missed connection? One Craigslister with some extra time on his hands created a how-to guide for posting missed connections. Read it here, and then do like this guy did, and post your first missed connection…

blond girl on M train wearing leopard shoes - m4w - 26 (Financial District)

ive never done this but only bc i read an article on missed connections on cnn last night.. you were carrying a plastic bag, wearing leopard shoes, and got off the fulton stop. i was seating across and to the right wearing sweats. you caught me looking at you a couple of times. i just thought you were really cute.