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Morning News Feed: Weds, Oct 22


Stabbing your ex and how to argue about politics with your spouse.

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The Ex is a knife block shaped like a person, so if you're mad you can take out your anger by sticking a knife though his heart or leg or head. CNet.

Being in a relationship kinds of sucks, actually. Here are all the reasons. The Sydney Morning Herald.

Honest communication can improve your marriage. Here's how to do it. Zen Habits.

An overview of the gay marriage ballot initiatives in various states.

Seven scandalous spouse stealers. The Frisky.

Do all single women have cats? What about other pets? Do single life and pets go together? Psychology Today's Living Single.

How should a 48-year old single woman deal with her insatiable sex drive? The Daily Bedpost.

How to argue politics with your spouse. Hitched.


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