Japan's Professional Seducers

Japan's Professional Seducers

The honeytrap will catch you too, cheater.

The old honeytrap trick has taken hold in Japan. According to The Sunday Times, Japanese men and women are hiring professional seducers to entrap wayward spouses. Judging by the text, it seems like divorce on that side of the Pacific is not quite as easy as this side. So, in order to make things happen, sometimes you have to give the other reluctant spouse other options or damaging evidence. So, there are a handful of Japanese firms that specialize in this kind of chicanery.

The first step is figuring out what the spouse's type is, then a meeting, and then the sex. This is a departure from the traditional American honeytrap who has a champagne room set of morals (i.e. there's absolutely, positively no sex in the champagne room). So, either we're obsessed with sex and the Japanese are properly laidback about it or they’re the sex-crazed freaks and America is the bulwark against turpitude (moral or otherwise). It's probably somewhere in the middle.

While looks are quite important for the honeytrap, the real skill lies in their ability to chat and to understand the target's wants and desires. This is especially important for the male agents. Basically, the modern day honeytrap is the successor of both the ninja and the geisha. With a little luck, the mark falls for a good-looking lady or dude and then leaves his spouse who may or may not already have someone on the side. These services run about $5,000 a month with an engagement typically going about 3 months.

Lest you think these operations are just about insurgency and sowing marital chaos among the Japanese, they also do reconciliations. Since getting people together is much more difficult and takes far more finesse, they charge about $25,000 for a 3-month effort. Which will typically include more subterfuge, scouting, and end-arounds to perform a Cyrano-style love match. Because of schemes like this we’d be surprised if the entire Japanese archipelago wasn't just a bundle of nervous energy never knowing what to believe or who to trust. "Damn, Akira, I should have known a hottie like that wouldn't like me for my DDR ability. I guess it's sepuku for me."