McGowan – Rodriguez To Make Matrimony, Movies

McGowan – Rodriguez To Make Matrimony, Movies
Love, Heartbreak

The Grindhouse pair say they're engaged to be married.

Rose McGowan, right place, right time? Or luckiest lady alive? Wait, those are the same thing. Maybe it's true love with Robert Rodriguez? Whatever the case may be, the Charmed starlet is shoving a lethal jawbreaker down the throat of the rumor that she and director Robert Rodriguez have split. She's also raising the stakes, according to Ace Show Biz. Not only is she not breaking up, she says they’re going to take a Stab at marriage (a little Scream 2 joke there, though she did not survive the first film).

This is some positive news for McGowan who recently stuck her foot in her mouth regarding the IRA while doing press for the film Fifty Dead Men Walking. Robert Rodriguez first directed Rose McGowan in the Grindhouse double features Death Proof and Planet Terror. In the latter she played a zombie-killing go-go dancer with an assault rifle for a prosthetic leg. Now that is cinema, Fellini.

As far as we know, the romance between McGowan and Rodriguez began on the set of Grindhouse despite the fact that Rodriguez had a wife and 5 kids (named Racer, Rebel, Rhiannon, Rogue, and Rocket so he likes alliteration and/or has a sense of humor) at the time. We can imagine that the marriage wasn't super strong when they shot Grindhouse but that doesn't change the fact that these types of relationships seldom last. We suppose most Hollyweird relationships don't last in general. We just would feel a little better about wishing them good luck had he not been married when they started rocking and rolling, we're old-fashioned that way.

If she was looking for a little career boost, she could have gone after Quentin Tarantino. Easy there, his chin is only marginally crazier than Robert Rodriguez's and he's never been married. Sure, his films don't always have the greatest female roles (Kill Bill and Jackie Brown being the exception to the rule), but he could make it happen for any actress, if she was Desperado enough. Though maybe even he couldn't have gotten her the lead in the Barbarella remake. At least she gets to step into Brigitte Nielsen's boots and bustier as Red Sonja.

Oh well, maybe it is love then between Rodriguez and McGowan. It probably beats living with Marilyn Manson's weird ass. Though they were able to share clothes, makeup, and leather implements of pain.  On the plus side, the cowboy hat factor has gone up pretty significantly. Omelette… eggs, we suppose.

Jeezum, we've been channeling Gene Shalit all day with the bad movie puns, sorry. Enjoy him reviewing That Just Happened: