Red Alert! Warn Your Man PMS Is Back

Red Alert! Warn Your Man PMS Is Back

PMSBuddy alert warns your man when to re-stock the chocolate and Midol...PMS is here!

Every so often, something comes across my computer and I can't decide whether it's the most un-feminist thing ever -- or if it's brilliant.  Enter, the free online PMS reminder, which trumpets it's "saving relationships -- one month at a time!" 

PMSBuddy functions as a messenger to the men in your life to say, Warning!  Warning!  Aunt Flo is back with a vengeance!  Stock the freezer with Cherry Garcia, keep the Midol close at hand, and don't even think about touching my boobs because they're friggin' tender.

If you're a woman, PMSBuddy will warn up to five men during your cranky-time; if you're a man, it will warn you about the status of five ladies.  The web site also alerts you to how many women in general have PMS beginning today (130 out of 4,543 site participants), as well as the overall threat index on a scale of 1-4.  That's clever!  The site also offers some cute links to wine, flower and travel web sites so men can cheer their ladies up during this unpleasant spell of PMS (as well as, harrumph).

Maybe it's offensive to have to ask your man to be extra-sensitive -- shouldn't he just be extra-sensitive, anyway, when he sees you're weepy and irritative?  But I think it's kind of genius.   Let's be honest: some men can be kind of oblivious about Girl Stuff and they might appreciate a heads up that that's why you were sniffling while watching Two and a Half Men last night.  

Hell, I might even sign myself up: I'm not on the Pill right now, so I forget where I am in my cycle.  For several days, I'll be irritable, cry easily and feel pudgy and unattractive...then  my period comes and I'm, like, Oh! It was just PMS! Nevermind.

With sites that get really personal, like PMSBuddy and MyBlackBook, you've got to wonder if it's all just one big joke.  For the sake of those poor saps anxiously checking the overall PMS threat index, let's hope not.


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