Nelly Furtado Resembles Courtney Cox, Weds

Nelly Furtado Resembles Courtney Cox, Weds

The pop/R&B/folk princess had a secret wedding to sound engineer Demacio Castellon.

Anyone ever notice that Nelly Furtado, Timberland's pop reclamation project, looks a lot like Courtney Cox? If Courtney Cox had a deeper tan, "urban style," a gorgeous voice, and was 5% sexier, she could go as Nelly Furtado for Halloween. Yep, "follow me, follow me, down, down, down, 'til you see all my dreams," Mrs. David Arquette.

Despite being a Cox-doppelganger, Nelly Furtado has decided to live her life a little more on the DL. According to the San Francisco Gate she married her boyf, Demacio Castellon, back in July of this year. We suppose that no one should be surprised that they got married, the 2 had been engaged since July of 2007. And we've always felt that a year of engagement is about perfect.

So, it looks like the "Promiscuous" girl has decided to settle on 1 guy, rather than keeping her avian options open (she’s "Like A Bird" or so we've heard). Ugh. And since we have nothing else to say about these Canadian nuptials, we'll drop a little Furtado knowledge on you. Her husband's nickname is 'Demo' which works because his given name is Demacio and he's a sound engineer. Also did you know that she has Portuguese citizenship? Pretty cool. We've heard the Azores is beautiful (or belo, if you speak the Portuguese) and she does sorta, kinda look like Colin Firth's love interest in Love Actually. Interesting. And she was in Mark Wahlberg's Max Payne. We're going to remember this exact moment when we bump into this movie on TBS, TNT, or Spike TV (maybe HBO, if it's during the summer) in a couple of years. And because this was not our proudest post, enjoy the "Turn Off The Lights" video and, ugh, turn off the lights on your way out. Don't be mad at us, she's the one that named her album Whoa, Nelly!.