Hell. Fury. Princess Leia's Memoirs.

Hell. Fury. Princess Leia's Memoirs.

Carrie Fisher's memoirs, Wishful Drinking, takes aim at everyone.

Sweet sci-fi scintillation. Carrie Fisher, per the New York Post's Page Six, has a feisty memoir coming out before the end of this year. And it looks like the Darth Vader's daughter (Fisher not Mary Cheney) has a axe to grind with basically everyone.

First off, she seems to be more than slightly unhappy with her father's (Eddie Fisher) perfidy. Though later men were far more awful to her mom Debbie Reynolds. She also makes light of her ex-husband's (Bryan Lourdes) allegation that she turned him gay with her drug use. She must have introduced him to crack or blow or possibly skeet.

The actress also talks about the sexy times as a 19-year old* on the set of the first Star Wars film. Evidently, everyone was trying to get all up on her Wookie. It's got to be a little frightening/ flattering to be the only girl on the set of a sci-fi flick. Megan Fox probably got a taste of that in Transformers, though her role as a rough-around-the-edges Autobot groupie is insignificant compared to the power of The Force.

For loyal fans of Star Wars, we sort of dropped the ball on Carrie Fisher's life (is she offended when supposed fans reveal they've never stalked her?). A) We just learned that she was married to Paul Simon (the musician not the politician, though we've always thought of her as an Art Garfunkel kind of gal). B) She was in the movie When Harry Met Sally and, for some reason, was not cast as Sally. And C) She wrote Postcards From The Edge (a semi-autobiography) and her new book, Wishful Drinking, is an adaptation of a one woman show she's been touring with. Somewhere Chelsea Handler is punching that Latino dwarf friend of hers for not thinking of and securing the rights to Wishful Drinking first.

She also guest starred in our favorite episode of 30 Rock. And because the geniuses at NBC have an agenda, she does not appear in the recap. Well, try going to her neighborhood, little Chechnya, and not writing. Forget it, just never go with a hippie to a second location and enjoy the funniest thing that Alec Baldwin has ever done. Quick silly question, of the 3 ladies mentioned in this post (Carrie Fisher, Chelsea Handler, and Megan Fox) who do you think Star Wars nerds would most like to marry, boff, kill? Our guess: marry Princess Leia, boff Megan Fox, and Death Star Planet Chelsea Handler.

*Note: IMDB says she was 21 when the film was released.