Christian Nymphos?

Christian Nymphos?
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A resource on racy sex for the Christian set.

The "Christian" label carries with it a number of stereotypes these days, and a passion-filled, borderline-nymphomaniac sex life is not one of them. A blog dedicated to active, passionate sex between married Christian couples might begin to change that.

Christian Nymphos provides female-focused advice and tips to couples looking to spice up their sex lives while staying within the tenets of the Christian faith. For a population where racy, explicit language and topics are often taboo, posts about role-playing, oral or anal sex might come as a shock to some. User comments reflect relief in finding an outlet speaking to sexual passion within marriage, and for the site's take on what constitutes "sinful" behavior, such as watching porn and pre-marital sex.

The intersection between sex and religion can be cloudy, but just as the Torah commands Jewish men to keep their wives sexually satisfied, Christian Nymphos points out that the Song of Solomon for many Christians is proof that sexual expression and pleasure are to be embraced.


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