Drunk Women More Likely For STDs

Drunk Women More Likely For STDs

Binge drinking leaves women at a higher risk for STDs.

Science Daily is reporting something that any person that's ever been to a bar, nightclub, outdoor music festival, or co-educational college already knows; binge drinking women are more likely to get STDs and presumably pregnant.

The study concluded that binge drinking women are more likely to engage in 'risky' sexual behavior than binge drinking men. Which sort of follows the old predatory male stereotype engendered by Steve Carrell's dangerous car ride with Leslie Mann (and Missy Elliot) in The 40 Year Old Virgin. Furthermore, hard drinking ladies are more likely to engage in anal sex than either booze hound dudes or women that don't drink. Also not a revelation but maybe sort of responsible in a really twisted way; number 2 chutes like mouths usually don't get pregnant. Unfortunately, they pick up disease at a pretty good clip. Which leads to Gonorrhea.

Per the Johns Hopkins study, Gonorrhea is a real concern for binge drinking women (as well as a real bastard to spell). The Johns Hopkins folks also imply that intoxicated women are way more likely to make risky sexual decisions than men, so far the only accolade that whiskey dick has ever received. Furthermore, give other anatomical differences women are faaaaar more likely to suffer serious consequences of risky sexual activity, outside of the walk of pride and babies women also are 8 times as likely to receive HIV from a man than transmit it to him.

And lastly the folks at Hopkins (it's a big lacrosse school) wanted to point out that staff at STD clinics want to stress the difference between alcoholics and binge drinkers. Medical professionals can tell the alkies by certain traits but the binge drinkers are just like the rest of us. They could be sitting right next to you... look slowly.