Kate Hudson On Divorce, Type, Et Al

kate hudson

Does Kate Hudson have a feud? A roommate? A type? Or a lawsuit?

OK, we've got lots and lots of Kate Hudson. She's had a busy week. First of all she did a Cosmo interview and there was some weird and wild stuff there. And we’ll travel from most love and relationship relevant to least.

Off the deck, Metro is reporting on the part where she said that "I mean, obviously, nothing's perfect, but I could never look at [our divorce] as a mistake. If anything, it's the best thing that ever happened to us." Evidently, she and Chris Robinson  remain good buds/ co-parents. She picks out girls for him and sometimes she dates dudes like Owen Wilson or Lance Armstrong or Dax Sheppard but never other rock stars; there are (possibly) limits. She explains the guy thing too.

According to ShowBizSpy, she said, "My taste is kind of all over the place. Always has been. I don't have a specific type."  Eclectic is a good taste in our book though we prefer when people are honest and say, "I don't know, people I find attractive are my type. If that makes sense." And it's a good thing that Robinson and Hudson are still buddies because they "basically" still live together. What a good deal for everyone; it is like eating the cake and still having the cake. We heard a rumor once that her mom Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell once dabbled in open marriage, not during 'Nam, of course. Tree + Apple: Not Terribly Distant, sometimes.

While we have your attention, it looks like Contact Music got to the bottom this pesky Anne Hathaway – Kate Hudson feud that no one has ever heard of. Some war of words was speculated after the 2 played best friends cum worst enemies in the bridesploitation flick Bride Wars. Reps from the Hudson party say (and we’re paraphrasing) "Not the case, sport. Kate and Anne are down like 4 flat tires." Whew.

And finally, you know how stars almost always look really nice? And not nice like sympathetic but nice like attractive. It turns out that's by design and hard damned work. So Kate Hudson decided to create a line of hair care products… for the people. The secret ingredient? Volcanic ash. Some company (220 Laboratories Inc.) wasn't happy that the ingredient that the confidentially shared with Hudson and crew was not kept secret and are suing per Fox News.

That's it. Believe what you want to. But we think Kate Hudson lives with her ex, has a kid named Rider, stars in romantic comedies, likes a variety of famous men, knows who Anne Hathaway is, and has a line of hair care products that contain, unbelievably, volcanic ash. Good day.