Ali Larter Still Engaged

Ali Larter Still Engaged

Ali Larter and fiance Hayes MacArthur get around to an engagement party.

Fine then, we'll find someone new, Nikki/Jessica/Tracy. According to The Insider, model/ actress Ali Larter is still getting married. She's marrying some lucky, handsome bastard named Hayes MacArthur (an actor and not, as you may have guessed, a general from the Civil War) and the 2 have been engaged since December of 2007,  but are just now getting around to the whole party business. The 2 met, as the legend goes, on the set of a film (naturally) and this time around they both had sexy outfits on.

On the set of the film Homo Erectus (heh), there were no whipped cream bikinis, only loin cloths (and whatever the top of a loin cloth is called, maybe a bosom cloth). Honestly, Hayes MacArthur didn't even have to become the quarterback of the West Canaan Coyotes. At any rate, the 2 had a party over the weekend to celebrate their engagement, though no wedding date is set.

Anyone else think it's a little weird/ gimmicky that they brought Ali Larter back for another season of Heroes? We suppose we should couch any disbelief in a show that features time travel so prominently. What do you think about the new season? It's nice that they're not focusing on Feudal Japan so much but the Mohinder as Spiderman / man-spider is a touch tedious.

According to Wikipedia, Hayes MacArthur was named after actress Helen Hayes. You may know him from playing a meathead in almost every single TV show filmed in the last 4 years (his IMDB page). If it ever came down to it, he could probably replace Kevin Durand (see his IMDB page) in the case of a contract dispute or possibly play a younger David Morse (see his IMDB page) and . We got nothing. Hopefully those rumors of his family disapproving of Ali Larter will prove false (note: it turns out that he is some sort of Northeastern blueblood as we guessed from his name back in aught seven).