Moving Vans For Detroit's Mayor?

Moving Vans For Detroit's Mayor?

Kwame Kilpatrick has struck a plea deal.

We're not sure if you remember the Kwame Kilpatrick saga; here's a recap.

Essentially, the Mayor of Detroit had an affair with an employee, did some shady stuff with Detroit city money, tried to cover it up, canned some cops, and got caught. The big part of the unraveling was the admission of several (14,000) text messages between himself and chief of staff Christine Beatty. While these texts were largely business related many of them had sexual content and conspiratorial oeuvres specifically regarding the ouster of police official Gary Brown.

So, the Associated Press is reporting that Kwame Kilpatrick's time in office is at an end. He's agreed to plead guilty to a number of charges but mostly that he thumbed his nose at justice with the intent of deception. He's agreed to a 4-month jail sentence followed by 5 years of probation over which he has to repay a million dollar fine.

Fairly or unfairly, it looks like the majority of his problems could have been avoided had he not had an affair (man, that's how they got Clinton), but enough shenanigans would have gotten him caught eventually. A police officer may have gotten shoved at some point, but who's counting? Christine Beatty is expected to agree to a plea deal at some point.

Speaking of sex with political underlings, the state of Maryland is mulling over making it an ethics violation for elected officials to hookup with their staff per the Mercury News. Frederick County Commissioner John Thompson says the proposal is in response to a specific situation. It clearly wouldn't apply to married couples though nepotism might. "Crab cakes, football, and ass-covering ethical legal dithering, that's what Maryland does" would suck as a bumper sticker.