Morning News Feed: Monday, Oct 20

Morning News Feed: Monday, Oct 20

Romance, erections and fake pregnancies. (Just your typical Monday.)

Your daily round-up of love, sex, dating and relationship news and links.

A new study reveals that women's weight is directly related to what stage their relationship is in. Daily Mail.

Forgiveness and reconciliation is an integral part of any loving relationship.

Daily dose of romance: high school sweethearts were engaged but broke up before college; 20 years later they reunited and married. Awww. The Arizona Republic.

Intimacy includes tenderness, love and friendship not just physical closeness.  Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.

How do education and social class fit into who you date? Would you date a guy who didn't go to college? How about someone in a different social class? Cindy, Dating.

In Korea, faking a pregnancy could be grounds for divorce. The Korea Times.

Would you sue someone if they gave you an STI? MSNBC.

What does a man's hard-on say about him? A meditation on erections. Beautiful, depraved.

The progressive voter's guide to sex and relationship issues. Alternet.

A formula for getting over breakups.