David Spade Has A Kid

David Spade Has A Kid

Playboy model Jillian Grace gave birth to his daughter.

Good news all, David Spade is a the daddy. His girlf or just friend, Jillian Grace, gave birth today or something according to The Hollywood Gossip. And the baby is a little girl, name undisclosed. Initially, David Spade may have resisted (who hasn't been there?) the idea that the kid might be his but promised to say do the right thing if it turned out to be his.

It looks like that's the case as Spade is scheduled to fly out to Missouri at his first break from summer filming of Rules Of Engagement. Will this new dad portion of the David Spade mythos make his character on Rules Of Engagement less believable? We’ve always sort of assumed he was playing himself when he makes comments like, "Excuse me while I go do whatever I want, whenever I want for as long as I want."

We've stopped trying to figure out the wild sex appeal of David Spade. Clearly, there is such a thing as IT and he has IT. We're not going to go through the list of conquests of his for it is long and distinguished (Yes, Iceman, like your johnson). Just accept it as a fact until someone can fully explain it to us; like evolution, the Big Bang, and Everybody Loves Raymond. Obviously, there is some kind of some kind of je ne sais quoi to most successful comedians. We're not sure if it's the charm, the bipolar obsessions, or the fat wallets. Way to land a Playboy baby's mama, David Spade. Maybe there's hope for Dane Cook yet.