Daily Show Duo Get CBS Show

Daily Show Duo Get CBS Show

Samantha Bee and Jason Jones are moving to CBS.

We were going to start this post of with a text version of the Daily Show's theme song, but "da-da-dat-da-da-da" doesn't really mean anything to anyone. So, we'll just say this: the Daily Show is spinning off yet another thing. The show has been a breeding ground for talent, unleashing on us Lewis Black, Ed Helms (Andrew Bernard, of Cornell, on The Office), Rob Riggle (former SNL guy, current Budweiser pitchman), Rob Corddry, Stephen Colbert, and Steve Carell (we're sure we’re missing someone who's done something awesome, sorry).

The next great thing out of the tiny studio in Hell's Kitchen, according to Variety, is a CBS show helmed by the oft-pregnant Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee and her husband Jason Jones (JJ!). Jason Jones (JJ!) is also a correspondent and was, fittingly, promoted to a more senior role while Samantha Bee was on maternity leave. Awesome strategy, by the way, to impregnate the competition. This could be one of the first cases of an untimely pregnancy actually benefiting a guy. Jason Jones (JJ!), you are an innovator.

So, Samantha Bee and Jason Jones are heading to greener pastures at the eye network (CBS's logo looks like an eye). The co-write and create a show about a celebrity chef (JJ! plays him) and the 2 women that help run his empire (presumably Samantha Bee and some other actress who best keep her hands to herself). We hope that the show is not particularly favorable of the celebrity chef phenomenon. Maybe it's because we're not 'foodies,' but we just don't get it. They make food, right? Ingredients plus cooking instructions equals food. Right? Even Gordon Ramsey would be exactly as entertaining if he was telling people that their carpentry (or ice skating or basket weaving) was horrendous.

At any rate, it's cool to see a real life couple tackle a big-time entertainment product, this husband and wife team is like a modern day The Captain and Tennille. Enjoy the trailer for Bee and Jones' movie, Coopers' Camera: