Mark Wahlberg To Marry

Mark Wahlberg To Marry

Longtime girlf Rhea Durham to be made honest woman in Catholic Church.

Okee dokes. Mark Wahlberg, actor, producer, Entourage-inspiration, model, dancer, and musician is going to add another hat (as unimaginative people in the business world say): husband. Mark Wahlberg has been with girlf Rhea Durham since like way back and according to E!Online, the two are getting hitched next August (2009). Which is just enough to do something incredible enough to get invited or marry a family member (Donny Wahlberg just got a divorce).

Durham has given birth to all of Wahlberg's 3 kids, including one a month ago (September 16th). The reportedly devout Catholic has been with Rhea Durham since 2001. And is just getting around to marrying her now... after having 3 kids. Weird, some of our friends have felt the need to hustle their Catholic Church weddings along because they were pregnant. Then again, they don't have a sweet rosary tat and didn't make allegorical films like I Heart Huckabees, The Departed, and Planet Of The Apes (think about it).

We suppose, kids aside, that it was a good idea to hold out until he was really sure. While it's not tough to twist a few arms to get a church wedding with a few out-of-wedlock kids, it is a major pain to get an annulment from someone that you have 3 kids with. And the annulment is basically the only way for a second church wedding (God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit forbid that that's necessary).

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