Texas Weatherman Proposes On Air

Texas Weatherman Proposes On Air

Lubbock TV personalities decide to marry each other.

Evidently, romance is not dead. At least in Lubbock, Texas. A weatherman from the local CBS station snuck (it's not really a word) onto the set of the local ABC news show and proposed to his anchor girlf. Evidently, Matt Laubhan had worked for the ABC affiliate (KMAC) and began dating anchor Emily Leonard before jumping ship to the Eye (CBS's logo looks like an eye). Enjoy the show:

Um, we're pretty impressed by the cajones that Matt Laubhan has (and if we're just going on what we saw in the video, this dude is not easily embarrassed) but he seems like a guy that is long on shtick. And this is going to be a roundabout way of getting to a point, but shtick sometimes wears a little thin (or so I've been told). She's already topdog as far their roles go. As far as we know it goes anchor, reporter, sports, weather, and, finally, traffic on the news desk scene. This goofball best bring something else to the table (besides his Duchovny-ian good looks). Do you think Matt Laubhan hammed it up a little too much? Is he going to joke about taking the ring back for the entire engagement? Is naming your kid 'Matt' a good way to get them into the television news business? Forget, congratulations, Matt and Emily. And stay classy, Lubbock.