Angelina Jolie Pregnancy Pressure

Angelina Jolie Pregnancy Pressure

It looks like Brad Pitt was the impetus for having kids.

We did not see that coming. According to The New York Daily News, it was Brad Pitt that wanted more kids, not Angelina Jolie. It looks like the Oscar winner, UN best bud, and pan galactic adopter thought in her 20s that she was never, ever going to have to push babies out of her own body. Back in those heady days of the early 21st century, no one who was anyone was having their own babies. It was like wearing a "Where's The Beef" t-shirt and a trucker hat non-ironically. There were third world countries where people were practically giving away babies.

Then, in the mid-to-late zeroes decade, things started to change. Maternity got to be cool again. You could be hip and a mom. It was like what would have happened if they let the show Blossom continue. But maybe this may not have been enough for Angelina Jolie. She was hotter than most women back then and she wasn't sure if stretch marks, sagging breasts, and more-or-less permanent changes below-the-belt were for her.

Then a man named William Bradley Pitt came along. He had charm, chiseled abs, and his sad eyes made him look like "an old soul" (if there is such a thing). So, this Brad Pitt character wanted biological offspring in addition to the multicultural menagerie. But then he relented and Angelina Jolie had a little bit of peace (and quiet) to make up her mind to add to the brood the old-fashioned way. And like a gateway drug, that one baby became 2 (then 3 by virtue of a second descended ovum) and a family of 6 was born. And, apparently, somewhere along the way someone (W Magazine) got a photo of her breastfeeding.

And that is how a single actress becomes a family, not terribly dissimilar to how a bill becomes a law. Despite the prophecy being fulfilled, not all is right in Pitt's-burg. According to E!Online's Ted Casablanca, Angelina Jolie's new family-friendly persona is too stark a contrast to her wild child earlier days. He smells something rotten and advises her to quite the charade. Hear hear. If there is a charade, let's see it quit. If there is no charade, just a maturation, by all means continue. Casblanca also laments the sofball tactics of modern journalists becaue E! is known for bringing the heat.

On the even nicer side of things, Brad Pitt's first phase of construction of affordable, ecologically friendly homes in New Orleans has concluded. According to Ecorazzi, half a dozen of 150 homes in the NOLA Make It Right project are ready for occupation. Can Brad Pitt do anything wrong? It's like no one even blames him for the Jennifer Aniston breakup (because it's Angelina's fault, right?). Must be that "old soul" thing (if that's even possible). He could probably turn animal torture into a positive. Well done, Brad Pitt.

And, because it's Friday, here's the Jackass gang kidnapping Brad Pitt: