How To Touch The Crown Jewels

How To Touch The Crown Jewels

Three tips for terrific testicle touching.

When going south of the border with a guy the cock gets most of the attention; after all, it's right in front, you have an erect, er, direct measure of its appreciation and the penis is the organ that eventually performs the deed. Compared with all that the balls can seem like an afterthought—hanging around in back, covered in hair and playing no discernable role in sex, they're easy to forget about. But dismiss them you should not!

Yesterday the Daily Bedpost asked three men about the testicles. They all agreed that balls like to be touched and offered some tips to get you started.

1. It's not the balls, is the scrotum. According to Ben, "The balls are not the point. The scrotum surrounding the balls is the point. Anything you can do to stimulate the scrotum will feel amazing…… you can rub it, scratch it gently with your fingernails, lick it, bite it."

Says Max, "I'm a little shocked with how unaware girls seem to be about how nice it is to have one's testicles fondled, licked, sucked or what have you."

2. Be very careful with the actual balls. Ben warned, "those two big guys are extremely sensitive and if you're not careful it will suddenly feel like you've kicked your man in the nuts. Even if it is with your tongue."

Max agrees: "You know how guys always keel over when you hit them in the balls? (Shame on you.) Yeah. They're that sensitive. So please be gentle."

3. Don’t be shy about touching them. Counsels Bill, "Don't be scared--go ahead and pop the berries in your mouth!" Max agrees: "It can be, on occasion, much better than other 'attention' around the same area."

So next time you want to mix things up a bit in the bedroom, try fondling his scrotum. He'll be glad you did.