Is Your Soul Mate An Ex Lover?

Is Your Soul Mate An Ex Lover?

The Ex-List follows Bella, who sifts through exes to find her soul mate.

Imagine visiting a psychic for a reading into your future and finding out that your soul mate not only exists, but that you have already met him. This is the gist of CBS's new fall romantic comedy, The Ex-List, set to air this September. Elizabeth Reaser (famous for her role as Alex's patient/love interest on Grey's Anatomy) stars as Bella, who learns from the mysterious psychic that she must find her soul mate and marry him within a year, or else she will remain single forever. This leaves Bella revisiting her past relationships in order to find "the one".

With the fan base she earned from her role on Grey's, Reaser may have a following with her new show. Set to air in the fall, The Ex-List is already receiving rave reviews from publications such as TV Guide, which says, "We're such suckers for the rom-coms--maybe that's why it's one of our Fall Preview Editor Picks!"

Although some viewers may find the plot to be a bit unrealistic, it is a nice thought. I know I wouldn't mind taking a trip down memory lane with a few of my ex's (certainly not all of them, but definitely a couple). Because dating someone who you were so comfortable with long ago could turn into a brand new experience--something fresh and exciting, yet also, because of your past, warmly familiar.

How far would you be willing to go to actually find your soul mate?


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