Morning News Feed: Tues, Oct 14

Morning News Feed: Tues, Oct 14

Terrorist dates hostage, divorce stresses pets, and dating a deer hunter.

Money matters are stressing out Australian couples. In a new survey 40% of couples said financial pressure put a great strain on their relationships, up from 18% in 2006.The Sydney Morning Herald.

Those financially troubled Aussies better not travel to Britain, where government is considering a ban on free drinks for women. Single? You'll have to buy your own cocktails or smile pretty at the guy across the bar and hope he gets the hint. (We recommend the former.) BBC.

If you're secretly schtupping your boss, get ready to show some in-office appreciation: Thursday is Boss's Day.

Yesterday was the first Hispanic Marriage Day in Cleveland, where local community leaders encouraged Hispanic coupes to wed and stay together for their children. Cleveland Plain Dealer.

In Naples, Florida a man went crazy after his girlfriend broke up with him, slashing her TV and threatening her with a "hunting-type knife." Naples Daily News.

It's difficult being a deer-hunting dater, according to one man. I mean really, asking you to wash off fox cover scent? Ridiculous. Zanesville Times Recorder.

Maybe he should follow these rules for dating extremely attractive women. We're particularly fond of the tip, "Tell her she's not up to your standards." AskMen.

Talk about Stockholm Syndrome: an Iranian terrorist is dating a woman he took hostage 28 years ago. The Daily Record.

Does having an autistic child make you more likely to get a divorce? This writer says no.

Cats, dogs and parrots get stressed and compulsive when their owners divorce. Daily Express.

Headline of the day: Financial Crisis Killing Relationships.