Moving On, Hollywood-Style

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Celebrities move on so quickly; but how do we know when we're ready?

Doesn't it seem like celebrities lives are in fast-motion? It may have to do with the fact that they are constantly being documented by the media; whether it be pictures from the paparazzi or reports from Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Depandi on E! News. Whatever the case may be, it feels like average human beings are in limbo and celebs are like rockets shooting off from outer space.

One thing that public figures tend to do incredibly quickly is move from one relationship to the next. One week Jennifer Aniston is dating John Mayer and the next she's back with Vince Vaughn. Sure, some of these stories tend to be fabrications, but nevertheless, a lot of them are true.

Today, reported on new Hollywood couples and old ones that have reunited. The site claims Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams have gotten back together and were spotted snuggling. For most fans of the couple, this is good news. But is it necessarily healthy to reunite with an ex?

According to a piece on, when reuniting with an ex, "you should tread carefully."

Years ago or less than one year ago, this person became your ex for a reason. Agreed, people change but that can work both ways, literally for better or worse. He or she might not be the person you are expecting them to be. The time that the two of you have spent apart has given both of you room for new opportunities, growth, and different experiences. Perhaps you have even been moving and living in completely different environments from one another.

Instead of diving in head first to a relationship whether it be a new one or an old one you should make sure you actually take the time to get to know the person, unless you want to play the game like the celebrities do. Moving on may seem easy in Hollywood, but in actual life, it can be dangerous if you start dating someone when you're not ready.

There isn't a specific number for how long it takes to get over an ex and start dating again, but if your ex-beau is always on your mind, or you find yourself having to restrain from texting/calling him whenever you feel lonely, then you might not ready. The amount of time varies for everyone and it also depends on how deeply you cared for him. So even though it seems that only yesterday Anne Hathaway broke it off with her Italian crook fiancè and is now reportedly moving on with Josh Lucas, it may take a little longer for us non-celebrities.