Your Bra Could Be Your New Bag

Your Bra Could Be Your New Bag

But what would your date think?

When I go running I put my iPod in my sports bra —it just makes sense! I don't like to have something attached to my arm and carrying it in my hand messes with my stride; sticking a nano in my cleavage is easy! I'm shocked that more women don't do it. I admit, though, that I sometimes worry that my gym crush might wonder why I have wires coming out of my cleavage, and why I occasionally reach into my shirt and appear to be adjusting my boobs—I'm just skipping a song, I swear!

So I'm not sure I'm into the idea of storing not just my iPod, but the entire contents of my purse, inside my bra. That's the concept behind the Cleavage Caddy (via Lemondrop), the signature product of Mazantri Creations, a company that's embraced the bra as storage. The idea of stashing a couple of bills and an ID in your bra isn't new, but the Caddy isn't just for cards and cash—there are compartments for a cellphone, pen, lip gloss—the works.

It sounds like a great idea in theory—I'm often jealous of my purse-free boyfriend—but I couldn't replace my purse with a bra-bag.  First, I carry around too much crap to fit into a bra, second, it's embarrassing to reach into your shirt to access your stuff, and third, wouldn't it make your boobs look weird? Say you wear it on a date…

"Let's split the check."

"Okay, let me just reach into my shirt and get my wallet."

"Oh, so that's why your boobs were so lumpy!"

Heh heh. I hate to bash a female entrepreneur and this is a cute idea, but not so practical. Even if it were functional, sadly, I'd probably be too embarrassed to do it. I'll keep my iPod in my boobs, but I'll stick with a purse for the rest of my personal items.  (Note to anyone who wants to try the iPod bra thing: I usually wrap the ipod in a sports headband or clean sock so it doesn't get too sweaty.)

Would you use a bra-turned-bag? And, perhaps more importantly, do you let embarrassment keep you from doing practical things in front of men (or in general)?