Teen Pregnancy: Tango Investigates

Teen Pregnancy: Tango Investigates

Teen marriages don't last--will Bristol Palin divorce while her mom is VP?

With all the hoopla surrounding Bristol Palin, Love Buzz thought it time to look back on our coverage of teen pregnancy.

According to today's feature, The Pros and Cons of Marrying Young, pregnancy isn't a good reason to get hitched. "To marry simply because of a child seems to be a recipe for disaster. In fact, according to a 2007 study, only 17 percent of pregnant teenagers wed."

Even so, young Hollywood starlets have been popping out offspring at an alarming rate, leading us to wonder, are babies the new boyfriends?

Perhaps not, but boyfriends certainly lead to babies; in July, 2007 we reported that a Chinese doctor blamed the rising number of Shanghai teen pregnancies on youngsters meeting boys through the internet.

Earlier this year brought news that the UK government hopes to curb rising teen pregnancy rates through doctor education.

This spring Massachusetts high schoolers pulled a Juno, although reports of a pregnancy pact may have been exagerrated.

But, we wondered, was the happy ending in Juno too fairy-tale to be real?

Not for Jamie-Lynn Spears, who gave birth at seventeen and planned to marry the father by the end of 2008.

And finally, humans aren't the only ones who have trouble with young moms; dinosaurs also dealt with pregnant adolescents!