Morning News Feed: Friday, Oct 10

Morning News Feed: Friday, Oct 10

Ostrich balls as aphrodisiac and 100 years of abstinence.

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For single moms, dating is complicated. Montgomery Advertiser.

Maybe they should check out; according to CupidReviews, Wealthy Men has surpassed as the most popular dating site. PRWeb.

If your rich dude has everything but a libido, fry him up some balls; ostrich testicles may be more effective than Viagra. See Magazine

Once you've cured the sex problem it's time to take on money. You really should understand the financial state of your marriage--many people don't, and it ends up biting them in the butt.  Globe and Mail.

Even if all your financial secrets are out on the table, we're still heading into some tough times. Here are six tips to recession-proof your marriage. MSNBC.

Those tips are for gay couples too, although if Mormons had their way gay couples wouldn't be allowed to wed--Mormons have donated more than $19 million to help pass Proposition 8, which would ban gay marriage in California. On Top Magazine.

Over the border in Arizona, sex shops may soon be allowed to extend their hours. Phoenix Business Journal.

Sorry recovering sex addicts, you won't be able to take advantage of increased  hours. Treating sex addiction is similar to treating other addictions (minus the part where staff checks to make sure you're not masturbating); one major difference is that, unlike drugs and alcohol, sex is part of a healthy life. Globe and Mail.

But sex isn't necessary for everyone; a 105-year-old New Zealand woman says that she knew from age 12 that she would remain unattached, and credits her long life, in part, to celibacy. The Sun. Maybe she just needed some ostrich testicles...