Jacko Dating Pam Anderson?

Jacko Dating Pam Anderson?
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Seriously, are Pamela Anderson and Michael Jackson dating?

God, if only this can be true. While this story has been circulating for a couple of days now, we wanted to hold off until there was more info but decided to say "screw it" we'll ride on rumor, innuendo, and wild speculation. And we thought I'm Not Obsessed covered the story with the proper skepticism and glee. But are Michael Jackson and Pamela Anderson seeing each other?

So far we got they went out for drinks but it was on the DL since Jacko operates exclusively in a shroud of secrecy and sometimes under a blanket of shame. The phrase "cloak and dagger" was mentioned and not in a lewd way. Evidently the "date" or "informational interview" was quite amiable (maybe even amicable but certainly not Amityville). Maybe they're planning a collaboration. But on what? The weirdest sex tape ever? Her breast implants would be a great curiosity to add to his collection. They could go right next to the Elephant Man's bones.

What do you think? Is the King of Pop courting the Concubine of Rock?